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Communicate the Real Value You Offer — Strategic Copywriting to Generate Leads, Build Relationships, and Accelerate Your Sales
Concord crafts engaging copy for business-to-business companies, with one goal in mind: to bring your message into real focus, and inspire your readers to take action.

By paying special attention to the real value you offer and the pressing needs of your target audience, my expertise will help accelerate sales and boost the return on your marketing investment.

Marketing Tools to Achieve Your Business Objectives

Do you need more qualified leads to expand your customer base?

Do you require highly effective sales literature to convert prospects into long-term customers?

Do you sell to executives or other professional audiences?

If so, Concord is your source for white papers, case studies, and other marketing tools to generate demand and nurture sales leads. I handle a wide range of projects — including websites, sales letters, brochures, and marketing plans — and specialize in these three main areas:

Copywriting — Nothing has ever been sold without words or concepts. Having exactly the right copy is essential for your marketing program.

Strategic Communications and Messaging — For your marketing to work effectively, you need a solid strategy and the clearest possible message.

Direct Response Marketing and Lead Generation — Both online and offline. Why exhaust your marketing budget on expensive “awareness” advertising when you could be producing measurable results instead?

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David Fideler, Copywriter and Consultant
Concord Communications and Design

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“The copywriting you provided was right on track and just what we needed.”
—Scott Cook, codeMantra

“Your design work is exceptional. . . . It exceeded my expectations. I hope we can work together again in the future.”
—Bob Teichart, Teichart & Associates


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